Mammoth Mountain


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Rock Man (Dave Proger)
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Rock Man (Dave Proger) Doom on brothers & sisters \m/ Right on Brother Steve!!! :-) Favorite track: As the Mastodon Tramples.
Steve Rodger
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Steve Rodger Just spent my last $ on this but I won't feel so cheap if it leads to more people buying it.... Classic underground doom !! Favorite track: Last March of the Ancients.
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Dirty underground sludge/stoner/doom metal from Denmark. King Mammoth's debut album, "Mammoth Mountain", brings you three crushing and individual tracks inspired by the mighty ancients. So take a step forward towards the foot of the mountain where the legend lived, marched and died.

The cover art is a portion of "Among the Sierra Nevada Mountains" (1868) by the German-American painter Albert Bierstadt.


released September 28, 2015

Jesper Nordskjold - Bass, Vocals (track 1)
Jacob Thomsen - Drums, Vocals (track 2)
Rasmus Lykke - Guitars, Vocals (track 1 & 2), Noise
Sandi Julardzija - Guitars

Mastering by Jesper Nordskjold.
Recording and mixing by Jacob Thomsen.
Additional artwork and logo by Alexander Dinesen.

KING MAMMOTH on the internet:

"You could say this album was a pretty experimental album, since there are not two songs on the album that is like each other, at least vocally [...] I really think this band has the potential to be one of the greatest doom metal bands in Denmark, if not in the world."
- Under the Coffin (6.5 out of 10)

"Well, apart from value for money that cannot be equalled, what you get is three tracks of epic underground stoner doom, which despite each weighing in at over ten minutes a piece, and having the same roots in all things slow and heavy, each manage to have a different and distinct character [...] As a showcase for potential, ‘Mammoth Mountain’ has a lot to commend it, and with time and luck, this won’t be the last time the band is heard from."
- Ave Noctum (6.5 out of 10)

"My ears can actually make sense of an exciting lead guitar shredding the hell out of the track in the background. The sound of what appears to be a suspenseful roar grows and turns quickly into a fuzz filled riff that's saturated with feedback. I can at least hear a distant brutality, that's at least enjoyable, the music has an overall macabre flavor about it."
- Taste of Khaos Magazine (4 out of 10)

"The drop tuning is slow low it seems the rattle of the bass note might actually dislodge the string from the bridge. Impossibly slow, the sounds like two lumbering giants making their way to a head on battle. I would have to say the genre description here is very accurate [...] Overall I have to say that this is pretty unique music that goes about as deep as one could go into this genre. It makes early Black Sabbath seem like radio music."
- Metal Temple (6 out of 10)



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