A Darker Shade of Black: Demo Collection I


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Raw and original progressive extreme metal from Denmark. Incorporeal's first compilation, out of two, presents you with compositions that captures the essence of a mix between symphonic metal, and the early 90s Norwegian black metal scene - but with its own original twist. This diverse contrast between beauty and beast is the core essence of Incorporeal.

This compilation contains material ranging from 2009-2011.


released November 16, 2015

Nickolai Matthiassen - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboard, Drum programming

Session musician:
Dennis Amtoft Jensen - Additional guitar on "Scorn and Contempt"

Recorded, mixed and produced by Nickolai Matthiassen.
Photography by Lea Madsen.
Cover art and logo by Alexander Dinesen.

INCORPOREAL on the internet:

"One thing is for certain this is one of the more interesting albums and bands you’re likely to hear. The album opener is basically a spoken word piece while the remainder is some of the most experimental black metal I’ve heard. Call it progressive, experimental or avant garde or whatever else you’d like to call it because they all fit. You’re not likely to hear another album quite like this one and I mean that in a good way."
- Thy Demons Be Scribblin (4 out of 5)

"Tight rhythm sections that seem to mix in an interesting way with meticulously selected tonal patterns. Memorable riffs that pound away their message in such a way you're willing to listen to it over and over again. Foreboding and eventful without being a fuzzy wall of sound. Intelligent yet, a dark mess of delicious wonders."
- Taste of Khaos Magazine (8 out of 10)



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Intoxicated Recordings Denmark

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Track Name: A Darker Shade of Black (Preludium)
Forget the words of a long-lost truth
As the poison slowly soothes and ease the pain for those in vain who sought nothing,
Nothing but letting loose the surrounding silence of mute.
Forget the memory of better days,
Of skies now fading to gray and feel the loneliness in your holiness.
Wherein nothing, nothing, but the truth abated by the storms let loose.
Whenever I turn my head back... A darker shade of black
Track Name: Dystopia in Deconstruction
Hoarse from screaming
A raven's crook
Rendezvous with death
All is lost

In recent of his coming
Start with the eyes
Legions will be hanging
And all blind
They are all blind

I am the prophet to bear testimony against God
I've seen empires rise and fall into dust

Amidst the seers of time
Predisposal for those who feast on the blind
A black of fire shall come and bury the sun
A black age of fire…

With the cross as my witness I stand
With fate and defiance as my victorious demands
Holding the banner high unrestrained
The sacred execution of Christian faith
Disregarding souls at my guillotine
As leather-panzer of flesh and skin I weave
As heavens angels are moldering
Christianity is smoldering

For Satan, our armies will stay equipped for the day
That darkness shall reflect on our fate

Hear me God I will not plead
For I'm your sworn enemy
Show no mercy this is our deed
We are your enemies
Track Name: Dream Eater
I had longed for eternity
A place fond of restless sleep
My dust retreated for the wind of night
That blows and unfurls on the edge of life
Aghast, yet tender, indulged in sin
Fractionating from within
Dreams lost and fading away
Devoured by my prayers

Plundering sanity from the insane
Reaching for hands you can never retain

Lurking in the shadows, a voyeur in the dark
Peers in my mind to consort my heart
Drowning in slumber, no escape
Haunted by dreams of being awake
Death has discerned its mark
I surrender to the dark

Dream eater!

Plundering sanity from the insane
Reaching for hands you can never retain

I long for now that death finally bestow
And gently carries my ashes away and ends this eternal pain
Hallowed be my name and take away the sin
But shallow is the grave and gilded bones are dim

Every rose I held in my hand
Withered and turned to sand
Only their thorns to keep
To pierce me for my vanity
I could dine from empty plates
Drink the wine from dry veins
You will never know this pain
That has taken me away
Track Name: Scorn and Contempt
I've never let you down, but I know of deceit
So I'm writing these words and persist neglecting
But I can't deny, this is my apostasy
All decrepitly - and you will see

No need to open the box Pandora
Death is real in front of your eyes
And it will encounter
Hypocrisy's deceit of your festering lies!

Our father, which are in heaven, hallowed be thy name
Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven
Give us this day our daily bread
And forgives us our trespasses
As we forgive those who trespass against us

You have laid words in mouths!
And will always deny!
As the waters turned drought
And the gaunt and starving died
You still persist to your book
It is the will of the one
But it won’t save you
Pull the trigger and you're gone

Parapets of crosses
Surrounding your promiscuous lies
The loss of your causes
Empowers Satan to rewind

Welcome to hell

Stick to your false idols
I can read between the lines
I'm not the one bedazzled - my conscious I enshrine
There is no salvation
I am a wolf amidst the lambs of God

Parapets of crosses
Surrounding your promiscuous lies
The loss of your causes
Empowers Satan to rewind

Yet the sun sets again
We have come to the end
We will carry on
After dusk comes dawn
Again, again…
Track Name: Resignation
Time has thawed the frost
You always have succumbed
Whence snowbound hatred
Lays dormant and numb
Gasping for breath in the distance
Tied to an anchor of lies
That sinks to brink of perdition
Where nothing can hide

Smell the stigma fury
Like a cattle brand
Every skeleton in your closet
Mirrors your own off-hand
Pyres burnt to ashes
Will always leave a trace
Portrayed in dust
Lies the old familiar face

The gates of hell
Spurred by an inevitable fate
A chrysalis swell
Unfolding blossom in decay
I am the author who have birth to sin

And I have seen a world so pure of imperfection utterly
And so I lean a step towards the hell that I created for myself
Where will I go?
When guiding stars fetched thronged in a heaven that I don’t know
Why have you forsaken me?
Why is the effort in vain always the pain that pierces deepest?
Prevail not
Though I know it was the frailty of myself that created God
And so I leave
My mortal remains for my spirit lost to retrieve
Track Name: Chords of War
Benighted glimpsed the dawn of a rather dark deception
But yet persisting to the light
Man lay barren as the soil whence cynicism aroused deception
Merely to conquer logic and reason to confine

Society, a sole entity in a hall of mirrors - the common grave
Man grew timid with time as other vultures laid in ambush
On the brink of insane
Do you hear the voice of God?

You lost everything, but me!
But me!